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Case Study
Bayer Pharmaceuticals
Bayer is a multi-national pharmaceutical and life sciences company, one of the largest in the world today.
A Giant Awakens
Bayer Global
Bayer’s Global Innovations team identified an intriguing new concept, which was powered by augmented reality – enabling smartphone users to activate a virtual experience from product packaging.
The Global Innovations team wanted to bring the innovation to the Bayer group. Specifically, wanting to demonstrate capabilities to Bayer’s leadership team, to try themselves and deliver the Wow factor.
After directly reaching out to Immertia, we grabbed the opportunity, recommending a prototype App.

It would require a rapid prototype – that is, a flexible approach focused on delivering the goals without specifically determining what the final deliverable might look like.

Project Feature


“A holograph, featuring a real person, to provide information directly from the product. And with the ability to switch languages”.


Aside from the complex technology, there was only a three day window, to find a bilingual voice actor, and a film studio, with both available immediately, then film and return.


Ultimately the App was delivered on time, installed onto an untested phone, and 6,000km away, handed to the CMO to try as a live demonstration.

It went perfectly, delighting the attendees. Immertia and Bayer are continuing to explore collaborations.

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