Immertia’s Holograms to Drive Immersive Shopping Experiences

Augmented reality, real-time information from products

Shopping will never be the same. A new augmented reality prototype has been developed by tech start-up, Immertia that places a human hologram inside product packaging, ready to assist shoppers.

The concept, developed by tech start-up, Immertia, uses augmented reality to create the hologram, which can only be seen by viewing the packaging through a smartphone camera.

A video demonstration, available on the Immertia website, shows how a smartphone user scans product packaging to activate the holographic assistant for information and advice.

Dave Chaffey, Managing Director of Immertia, said the response to the concept had been overwhelmingly positive.

“It’s been an absolute showstopper for us so far.”

“To anyone outside of the tech space, the whole concept of a hologram who lives inside product packaging, waiting to provide information is a real WTF moment.”

In the demonstration, the holograph provides information in English, or in Spanish, and leads an interactive experience where consumers can call up other product information.”

The product information is from the product manufacturer linked through the service, and provided in real-time, which Chaffey points out, means that the product will have the most up-to-date information available.

The holographic concept will launch in 2022.

Conversational Commerce

This prototype is the second of two parts.  The first prototype, demonstrated in 2020, virtually links an intelligent voice assistant through a product, so that a consumers can ask product-related questions and receive spoken answers.

The company is now working towards bringing the two prototypes’ technologies together, producing a human product concierge who can answer product questions.

Chaffey describes it: “Consumers wanting information will scan a product to activate the product concierge, they’ll ask their questions, without the need to type, and they’ll receive an answer from a friendly, helpful person in plain language.

“It’s a simple, intuitive way to receive information, and it’s great to know that the information is always current.”

“The concierge will be able to pull up other information too – instructional videos, ingredients, where the product is sourced from, anything the manufacturer thinks offers value.

“And, in many cases, consumers will be able to purchase the product, from the product, with the help of the concierge.

Several Challenges

The commercial applications are large, with user cases in food and beverage, manufacturing, health, education, and many more industries.

There are still several challenges that the company faces to reach their goal, and Chaffey says that the team are “waiting for technology to catch up” before they can take the next step forward.

“Augmented reality is really hitting its straps – it won’t be too far away. With the way the market is playing out, it’s feasible that a concept like this could take off quickly. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves just yet.”

The Immertia roadmap suggests that the conversational concept will launch in 2023. The company has two AR platforms in-market, with plans to release an additional four platforms in 2022.  Immertia has announced that an equity capital raise is commencing to accelerate its moves to market.  More information is available on the website

About Immertia

Immertia delivers industry-specific solutions, enabling content teams to manage and market augmented reality (XR) experiences for their own labels from the confines of their own computer.


Media liaison: Dave Chaffey, Founding Partner. Media enquiries are welcome via the media center.