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The information provided on this page pertains to Immertia Pty Ltd, including the wholly owned subsidiaries – Winerytale, Swigr and Displai.
May 1, 2023
Market Announcement

We are a ground-breaking business system that specializes in providing purposeful and commercial augmented reality (AR) solutions to various industries. Our unique approach allows us to offer affordable, powerful, and simple-to-manage AR solutions that are well-positioned to carve out a significant place in the global packaging and allied industries.

AR technology is rapidly becoming mainstream and offers immense potential for businesses. However, the high costs, complexity, and difficulty of existing solutions often serve as a barrier to entry for many businesses. At Immertia, we aim to break down these barriers by offering industry-level platforms that are tailored to each industry’s specific needs.

Our innovative approach to AR technology opens up opportunities for businesses of all sizes to leverage its potential and stay ahead of the curve. If you’re interested in investing in Immertia and becoming part of our journey towards transforming the AR industry, please express your interest in purchasing shares.

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