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September 1, 2021
Market Announcement

New Share Issue to Open

Opportunity to Invest in New Tecchnology

A statement from Dave Chaffey, Managing Director, Immertia.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’m pleased to announce the opening of a new share issue.

“These are exciting days – we’re seeing the rewards of hard work, as well as the acceleration that comes from being first-to-market. It’s encouraging to see activity, and the surge in interest around the potential application of the technology.

Despite the encouraging signs, we believe that there is a stronger opportunity – to capture market share in (global) niche industries, readily assuming the position of market incumbent, before potential competitors have set up shop.

Our next 18 months will be focused on aggressive customer acquisition in our current markets, and exploring solutions that harness the technology for other industries.

We’re very optimistic about the prospects.

I recommend that current shareholders consider the offer, and gain a good understanding of our position, and progress. And I enthusiastically encourageĀ  other investors and interested parties to step forward, to take a look, also.

Sincerely, Dave Chaffey.

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