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Capital Raise

Immertia is raising funds to accelerate a move into emerging markets, and is calling for expressions of interest from sophisticated investors.

A pitch deck is available, at the bottom of the page.


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Immertia powers scalable augmented reality solutions

A Moonshot Startup

  • First-to-Market
  • Unique Concept
  • 500-Billion-Dollar Industry
  • High-Calibre Team
  • Augmented Reality Solution

Emerging Markets

We’re chasing down a global opportunity

Two years ago, we saw an opportunity in a new market. Augmented reality looked promising, with some big hitters behind it, and forecasting explosive growth ahead.

We owned a digital agency at the time, which was ticking along well, servicing a collection of big name clients, from all around the country.

The technology was certainly intriguing. The market was new, the opportunity was large, and our skills perfectly matched the needs. Even the timing was right. But hey, we weren’t looking for change.

Then we had a light bulb moment. Which opened up our thinking.

We spent the next 10 days researching, and the 10 nights in between, agonising. And then we made the call, packed up our lives, and left everything behind to chase this opportunity.


Interactive products, virtually

A Problem

Augmented reality is a fantastic technology with excellent use cases. The technology still has some way to go before the full capabilities are realised.

It’s at an awkward stage though. For business there are just too many barriers – complexity, cost,  technical skills amongst others – which means that the commercial cost is too great.

A Solution

A first-of-its-kind platform for the emerging market

We developed an augmented reality platform to overcome those barriers.  Every single one of them.

And then worked on the business model to come up with a concept for rapid adoption. And we built it, for one category – the wine industry.


For consumers, a smartphone app, to scan labels, activating augmented reality experiences, from thousands of labels.

For producers, a system to create a connection point from every label, and a way to engage customers from their products.


Consumer adoption

  • Compelling experience
  • Emphasis on repeat-use
  • Social sharing
  • Easily accessible

For producer take up

  • Strong value proposition
  • Minimised perceived risk
  • No Impact on existing packaging
  • Affordable, manageable platform


Powering a closer connection between brands and consumers

Once we had it right, we rebuilt it.

And now Immertia’s platform is scalable and repeatable, part of a system to deliver AR platforms for industries, and niches.  Part of a complete system built on repeatability.

Two Platforms in Market

It wasn’t easy, and it’s taken more than two years. But its lead to a solution that overcomes all the issues.

And is currently rolling out to the alcoholic beverages industry, with ambitions to move into other industries.


A World Class Team

Led by an outstanding team – each one of which is recognised as an expert in their respective fields.  This is a resourceful, pragmatic group of high achieving entrepreneurs, with skin in the game, and ambitions to deliver big.


Closer Connection

The Vision

We see a near future, where the product is the source of its own information. Where consumers scan products, asking their questions and trusting the answers, knowing the information is from the manufacturer, and always up-to-date.

Where consumers instinctively go, when they need  information, instruction, recommendations. And where today’s Google may well be a dinosaur.

A Shorter Path to Purchase.

On the back of convenience, and trust, a new commerce channel will inevitably evolve, where consumers can scan a product to purchase a replacement product, a truly circular economy.

It will be disruptive. And it will be great for some products, but not for others. Once technology reaches a stage where this is achievable, it will be inevitable. Because it is a shorter path to purchase.

History teaches us that convenience is a powerful driver of change, and trust is a lean enabler.

And at every point in the last hundred years, wherever a  shorter path to purchase has been created, it has been rewarded well.


Take the next step

If you’re interested, there’s a pitch deck, and an online pitch to watch on-demand. We’ll show how it works, and why it hits the spot.

You’ll see there’s some serious tail winds driving us. There are a few headwinds too, and we’ll outline them as well.

Add your details below, and you’ll have access in less than a minute.

Then you can see what you think, ask any questions, and then decide if this is the right investment for you.

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