About Us

We are pioneers in transforming visionary concepts into market-ready innovations.

Bringing Concepts to Market

We lead the charge in developing and taking our own visionary concepts to market. Our primary focus is on crafting innovative solutions and turning our ideas into tangible, market-ready products.

“Our core mission is to transform our concepts into impactful innovations. We prioritize user-centered design, ensuring that every concept we bring to market resonates and delivers results.”

Dave ChaffeyDigital Marketing Expert

Meet Our Experts

Our accomplished team combines profound knowledge of cutting-edge technologies with a relentless commitment to creating purpose-driven experiences.

“Our mastery of both technology and user experience enables us to flawlessly deliver and scale concepts into market successes.”

Luke ChaffeyLead Developer
Lead Developer

Luke Chaffey

Luke is an experienced coder who leads development and oversees project operation.

Luke Chaffey is an experienced coder who leads the web and cloud-based software development. Luke’s proven track record of flawless software development includes enterprise App development as well as creation of his own ratified cryptocurrency.

Luke’s knowledge also extends into Digital Marketing. Up until 2019, as the resident Digital Expert for Kochie’s Business Builders, a business-based website and TV show, Luke has written more than 300 articles, and been involved in many talks.

Previously, Luke’s talents were honed at KBB Digital, where he was a partner.

Luke is resourceful, entrepreneurial, and brings operational stability to the team.

Digital Marketing Expert

Dave Chaffey

Dave is a serial entrepreneur, a digital marketing strategist, and a professional business speaker.

Dave Chaffey is a successful entrepreneur, with a passion for new technology, and 25 years of business experience under his belt.
He is widely regarded as an expert in the field of Digital Marketing Strategy and is passionate about his pet field of Go-To-market Strategy. His other areas of interest are marketing personalization and automation.
In addition, he is a professional speaker, and an author. Previously, Dave was Managing Director of KBB Digital, a digital marketing agency that he walked away from to follow this opportunity.
Dave is strategic, resourceful, and capable. He brings strategic direction to the team.
Operations Manager

Chris Thompson

Chris is an accomplished leader whose methodical approach drives consistent performance.

Chris is a seasoned business professional with extensive experience in managing operations. He has a proven track record of driving growth and success, having been the Operations Manager of Peak Pharmacies in Geelong, Victoria. Chris’s expertise in business management was a key factor in the growth of the group, and he has since left the company in February 2022 to pursue further career opportunities. Chris has now taken on the role of Director at Third Aurora, where he is eager to apply his skills and experience to continue driving success and growth.