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Stunning AR to wow onlookers and get people talking


Solutions to meet real needs, and deliver better results


Adding value for stakeholders, at all levels of the chain

AR Packaging+

Putting AR Within Reach

AR is an incredible new technology, and it’s moving rapidly to the mainstream. It’s foundational technology, offering so much potential for business. Right now, though, there are barriers-to-entry and AR solutions are either too expensive, too complex, or too difficult.
Immertia is a ground-breaking business system that puts purposeful, commercial AR within reach of business. Our industry-level platforms deliver tailored solutions for each industry that are powerful, affordable, and simple to manage.

A Growth Industry

Interested in Investing?

Global Markets

Packaging, FMCG, Phama Industries

Immertia is well placed to carve out a significant place in the global packaging and allied-industries. The unique approach opens the technology up to a broader market, with solutions that are simple and affordable.


  • Leadership positioning AR for the packaging industry
  • Product & business model are ideal fit
  • Two platforms in-market presently
  • FMCG, Pharmaceuticals in 2022

Key Differences

Simple Scanning
AR activation with no QR codes
Instantly Ready
Your entire inventory in moments
Label Recognition
Activates all labels, even old batches
Tight Tracking
AR display virtually sticks to the label
Dynamic Content
Update content easily, through a browser
Data Reporting
Unique customer insights
Roadmap 2022 / 2023

 Our Strategy and Project Plan

Our Platforms

Proofs and Prototypes

The world’s leading AR platform for the wine industry. Discover the stories behind your favourite wines

Alcoholic beverages. There’s a new place where brands and their biggest fans connect – from every label

Activate, animate, and connect any packaging

A Proven Team

World-Class Execution

Luke Chaffey
Founding Partner

Luke is an experienced coder, who leads web and cloud-based platform development.

Matt Hallberg
Founding Partner

Matt is a resourceful software developer focused on XR, vision recognition, and app development.

Marie Breguet
Founding Partner

Marie is an accomplished marketing specialist, and heads up key account management

Dave Chaffey
Founding Partner

Dave is a serial entrepreneur, a digital marketing strategist, and leads strategic development.