Packaging. Alive.

We use augmented reality to transform regular packaging into stunning showcases and interactive experiences

Connected Products

Immersive, engaging moments build brands

The way customers buy products has changed – online is where consumers spend their time. And for brands, there is a real challenge – trying to engage customers in the real world, as well as in the digital space.
Extend the experience beyond the product packaging with mixed reality. Our unique solution connects a virtual experience to your products, for your customers to activate with their smartphones.
Stunning. Spellbinding. Shareworthy.
Deliver a unique experience with virtual technology to draw attention to your brand, get people talking, and set your social media alight.

World-leading solutions

Creative outcomes, shaped by consumer insights
We’re leading the world in product-focused XR, creating new concepts with pull, and with stick, that meet the needs of the target audience.
Our team is strategic, experienced, and focused on outcomes.
With a proven approach that is customer first, then experience, then technology.
We think we do that better than anyone else.
Industrial use of packaging
Pharmacy, healthcare, and medical
Alcoholic beverages, including wine and beer
Fast moving consumer goods

XR Platform Solutions

Driving Rapid Adoption

Immertia delivers industry-specific solutions, enabling content teams to manage and market augmented reality experiences from their own labels.

The platforms are robust, scale-readied systems, underpinned by Immertia XR, a repeatable tech engine.

  • End-to-end solution
  • Niche or industry-facing models
  • Eliminates barriers to entry


Winerytale enables wine lovers to discover the story behind their favourite wines, as told by the wine maker.
Consumers: “Engaging and interesting”
Winemakers:”Great opportunity, low cost”


Swigr is a exciting, and entertaining concept for the alcoholic beverages industry, offering a social experience built around discovery
Consumers: “Really cool. Blows my mind”
Manufacturers:”Will be powerful for brands”

In twenty years of online / digital wine marketing, this is only the second time where I’ve thought, yep this is a game-changer

The other one was Vivino

Name withheld, available on request
Senior marketing consultant, Wine Industry, California, USA

* Vivino’s wine app, which launched in 2011, was a game-changer for the wine industry, and is now valued at $800 million

Enterprise Solutions

Driving Rapid Adoption

Collaboration at an enterprise level brings big challenges, and a welcome opportunity for a team that rises to the occasion. We do some of our best work, devising elegant solutions that are complicated and require multiple cutting-edge technologies.

Ultimately, we deliver outcomes that push the boundaries of technology, and open up opportunities.

Apple iOS
Web XR

Spark AR Studio by Facebook


Lens Studio by Snapchat


TikTok Effect Studio Development Network


AR Foundation by Unity 


Luke Chaffey
Founding Partner

Luke is an experienced coder, who leads web and cloud-based platform development.

Matt Hallberg
Founding Partner

Matt is a resourceful software developer focused on XR, vision recognition, and app development.

Marie Breguet
Founding Partner

Marie is an accomplished marketing specialist, and heads up key account management

Dave Chaffey
Founding Partner

Dave is a serial entrepreneur, a digital marketing strategist, and leads strategic development.

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