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XR Platform Solutions

Immertia takes new technology solutions and brings them to market, enabling content teams to manage and market augmented reality experiences with ease, accessibility & affordability in mind.


Nexposai redefines sales enablement by integrating artificial intelligence with augmented reality technology. In addition to immersive 3D modeling, Nexposai features an AI-driven chatbot that accelerates the sales process by providing immediate answers and guidance to customer queries. This innovative combination enhances accessibility and streamlines interactions, empowering sales teams to engage customers more effectively and drive conversions with confidence.


Displai offers brands a dynamic platform to elevate their product packaging with augmented reality. Through the Displai app, brands can create immersive experiences that engage consumers at the point of purchase. From interactive product demonstrations to personalized messaging, Displai transforms product packaging into interactive marketing tools.


Swigr empowers alcoholic beverage brands to captivate consumers through augmented reality experiences. By leveraging the Swigr app, brands can enrich product packaging with interactive content, including virtual tastings, cocktail recipes, and brand stories. This innovative platform enhances brand visibility and fosters deeper connections with consumers.


Winerytale revolutionizes the wine industry by integrating augmented reality technology with wine bottles. Wineries can enhance consumer engagement and storytelling by providing immersive experiences through the Winerytale app. With a simple scan, users unlock digital content, learn about the winemaking process, and explore unique stories behind each bottle.

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How do the apps work?

Simply, users hold the app in front of a participating package.

The app scans and recognises the label, and activates the label, which comes to life with stunning augmented reality. Look through your phone’s camera to see the virtual display.

What do the apps actually do?

It connects you with your favourite brands, and provides an interactive experience told by the brand themselves. Point the apps at participating packages and go for it.

There are some great features too – you can click, and scroll in virtual space, give a thumbs up, and put your photo up on the brands social wall. And depending on the brand, you might discover special offers, events, and new wines that you can purchase through the label.

Well known wineries Debortoli, Provenance, Oakdene and Yalumba are using this App as an interactive marketing tool that connects packaging with consumers.

What can people see when they use the app?

You’ll see a stunning augmented reality display, with content from the brand, and a social media feel. There’s some cool features too, like the social wall, where you’ll find all of the brands biggest fans.

Has anyone else in the alcohol industry done this?

Not like this.

But there was a pioneer before us.

Australian company Treasury Wines, changed the game in 2017 with an app that let customers point their phone at a wine label to hear the animated story of the convicts that inspired the 19 Crimes range.

The results were remarkable – 1.2M app downloads, 153M impressions, 412% increase in social media mentions, 60% sales growth and 1M cases shipped in the first year alone.

Unsurprisingly, big wineries with deep pockets have since followed suit for a sip of the augmented reality action.

Winerytale & Swigr are the start of a new generation, which are interactive, offer more content, and can be updated by the producer.

And affordable.

Until now, cost and complexity has kept small and medium producers out of the picture. Winerytale & Swigr aim to blow the augmented reality door open to any brand and any label in an inexpensive and easy way.

Facts & stats on augmented reality

BRP report indicated that 48% of consumers said that they’d be more likely to buy from a retailer that provided AR experiences. Unfortunately, only 15% of retailers currently put AR to use. Only a further 32% of retailers stated they plan to deploy virtual or augmented reality applications over the next three years.


AR will open newer, more intimate approaches to people seeing and learning about marketer’s products — even down to how an item might look on their body or in their home. 2019 could potentially be the first year and starting point for brands and publishers to get in on the action as AR offers a fresh and more interactive way to reach audiences.


Augmented reality-enabled phones will continue to be the easiest access point for everyday consumers to experience AR.


Australian company, Treasury Wines, introduced Augmented Reality to its 19 Crimes wine label in 2017.  The results speak for themselves: 1.3 million downloads of the Augmented Reality App, 200,000 videos on YouTube, shipping 1.5 million cases annually with a 131 percent increase in year on year sales in US and 44 percent in Australia.


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