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Kids Medicine To The Next Level

Bringing CD Case’s To Life

Shoe Box Interactive Display

Interactive Game Case

Real Estate Pop Up Explainer

Hologram Within Hologram

Celebrity Hologram Example

Bin Liner Helper Hologram

Augmented PlayStation Games

Immerse Players With Hologram Instructions

Immersive Bar Experience With Hologram Bar Runner

Retro Beer Sharing Rotating Gallery

Brand Ambassador Speaking on Box

Sharing Recipes On The Bottle

Unique Way To Enhance Boxes

FKN ALE Showcase

Exclusive Whisky Signups

A New Way To Promote The Next Fight

Bringing Spake Cake To Life

Adding Another Dimension to Posters

Bringing Retro Gaming To Life

Giving A Unique Fan Experience

A Word From A Brand Advocate

Actively Involve Your Social Following

Engage Users With Animated Posters

Bring Your Product To Life

Tell Your Brand Story From Posters

Play Basketball From Your Product

Celebrities From Your Boxes

Bring The Classic Invaders To Your Can

Showcase Your Latest Whisky

Share Good Times

Whisky Fans On The Bottle

Drive Monthly Club Sign Ups

Whisky The New Way

Promote Exclusive Club

Bring The Sports Out Of Whisky Enjoyers

Enjoy Smooth Whisky with Retro Games

Support Worldwide Causes

Showcase Your Vodka Fans

Local Pool Event

Change Up Your Label

Vodka Cocktail Favourites

Vodka Cocktail Making Promo

Basketball on Vodka

Vodka + Retro Gaming

Hologram Party Promo

Give The Latest Specials

Fans Directly On Vodka

Share Your Vodka Recipes

Exclusive Club Promo

Promote Your Brand Star

Point of Sale Gets Social

Quick Brand Promotion

Expand Your Posters Details

Make Posters Come To Life

Talking Hologram From Box

Get Social From Beer Boxes

BBQ Event Promo

Promote Your New Merch

Share The Latest Jokes

Share Weekly Events

Generate Social Awareness

Share The Breweries History

Contest Promotions

Experience The Brewery Direct From The Bottles

Basketball from Beer Bottles

Retro Gaming on Beer Bottles

Beach Brewery Promo

Basketball From Your Beverage

Quick Moving Video To Excite

Promote The Next Basketball Night

Novelty Video To Entertain Users

Share The Latest Meals

Highly Visual Movement Video

Engage Users With Social Interactions

Use Highly Visual Videos To Impress

Share Your Snow Sports Affiliation

Promote Your Restaurant

Promote A New In-House Menu

Share The Upcoming Promoted Game

Promote The Next Music Festival

Share Your Affiliated NFL Highlights

Entice Consumers With Your Local In-House Menu

Show Impressive Brand Videos

Share Your Fashion Show Participation

Share Your eSports Highlights

Impress Customers With Brand Videos

Share Your eSports Team Affiliation

Share Your Boxing Affiliation

Impress Consumers With Video

Get Customers In For The Next Boxing Fight

Showcase Your Basketball Affiliation

Promote Your BBQ Night

Provide Discounts To Drive Sales

Give A Brewery Tour

Drive Ticket Sales For Your Beer Festival

Promote Your St Patricks Event

Promote Your Range Of Seasonal Beers

Show Your Support For Causes

Paulaner’s Moving Weissbier Label

Educate Consumers On Your History

Provide A New Label Sneak Peak

Sell Merch From The Label

Promote Your Next Event

Yards Brewing Moving Level Up Can

Promote In-House Specials

Four Saints Moving Hedrick’s Hefeweizen

Celebrate NFL Saturday

Contest From The Label

Your Upcoming Beer

Celebrity Endorsement

Beer Invaders Prototype

Short Brand Showcase

Motion Graphic Demonstration

Social Wall Demonstration