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AI + AR Transforming Medical Equipment Sales

Technology Showcasing Medical Equipment Virtually Anywhere, Anytime

Immertia, a trailblazer in innovative sales solutions, announces the launch of EnhanceAI, a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes the way medical equipment is presented, experienced, and sold.

What is EnhanceAI?

At its core, EnhanceAI is the fusion of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) tailored for the medical equipment sector.

With a focus on enhancing user engagement, it turns any space into an interactive showroom, enabling medical professionals to project virtual 3D models of medical equipment into their environment, through a smartphone.

The visualization technology is paired with an Intelligent AI Concierge, that answers queries in real-time, mimicking a knowledgeable sales representative.

A video demonstration can be viewed on the Immertia website.

For manufacturers and distributors, the technology presents a revolutionary approach to product demonstration and customer engagement.

Addressing the Industry’s Pain Points

Traditional brochures are often static and may not convey the full potential of medical equipment. With EnhanceAI, these materials become dynamic, engaging, and informative, bridging the gap between manufacturer and medical professional.

By leveraging augmented reality and AI, EnhanceAI offers a fully immersive experience.
“With just a QR code scan, medical professionals can instantly visualize and explore medical devices in their actual environment, taking a deep dive to gain unparalleled context and clarity,” states Dave Chaffey, Founding Partner of Immertia

For Manufacturers: A New Age of Engagement

EnhanceAI offers manufacturers the ability to infuse life into their marketing materials. With the power of AR and AI, every brochure, every piece of collateral becomes a gateway to immersive experiences. Immediate feedback, real-time query resolution, and updates are now the new normal, ushering in an age of enhanced connectivity and engagement.

This new paradigm offers unparalleled advantages in terms of reach, immediacy, and adaptability.

“Our mission with EnhanceAI is not just to inform but to inspire, educate, and ultimately hand over qualified prospects to sales teams for that essential human touch,” Dave Chaffey added.

For Medical Professionals: A Dynamic Discovery Tool

The ease of visualizing equipment in their own environment empowers medical professionals to make more informed decisions. No longer do they need to rely solely on product brochures or limited video demonstrations.

“At Immertia, we recognize the paramount importance of delivering a seamless, intuitive user experience. And we also recognize the nuances of the industry, where providing accurate information, data security and privacy are critical outcomes.

Pilot Program

With EnhanceAI, Immertia is poised to reshape the future of medical equipment sales and demonstrations. The Company is currently seeking expressions of interest from equipment manufacturers to join the pilot launch.

Manufacturers, distributors, and medical professionals keen on experiencing the future of product demonstration are urged to connect via the immertia website.

About Immertia

Immertia is a groundbreaking company, using augmented reality, to create a virtual experience from every package. The company was founded by Matt Hallberg, Luke Chaffey, and Dave Chaffey – three recognized specialists in their respective fields of augmented reality, software development, and digital marketing strategy.


Media liaison: Dave Chaffey, Founding Partner. Media enquiries are welcome via the media center.