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Augmented Reality Disrupting the Wine Industry

The wine industry has been facing a revolution for some time now. The need began long before 2017 when 19 Crimes introduced its augmented-reality wine labels to the world.

It needed to happen because consumers had drastically changed their buying habits.

On a planet where craft beer is revered and bearded hipsters are the new black, it was a discussion multi-nationals had to have. How do we drive wine growth back up?

Accessibility the Key for Millennial Wine Sales

Millennials (those aged roughly between 20 and 40 in 2019) were viewing wine as either boring and pompous – something belonging to the higher echelons of society – or as a quick way to get drunk on a Saturday night.

What was going to be the thing to revive its popularity and save it from being swallowed up by nifty ciders and crafty beers?

The answer had to involve something the millennials would both comprehend and embrace. Something techy, flashy but also entertaining, captivating.

And something so simple they could engage with the touch of a smartphone screen. Step in the saviour: Winerytale: The Augmented Reality Wine Labels App.

AR – the Brave New World of Opportunity

In 2016, Pokémon Go was the first time consumers saw augmented reality (AR) virtually storm through households and back yards in such a mainstream way.

That show of support resulted in $207 million in the first month alone. Treasury Wine Estate saw something in that and now armed with what millennials were chasing, created augmented-reality wine labels for its 19 Crimes brand.

The result was stunning and a revolution across the wine industry began.

Wine was now bouncing out of the dark ages into a hip new world of bright colours, fascinating stories and augmented-reality wine labels.

Priced out of smaller wineries’ pockets, however, it was an obvious choice for someone to step in and produce an app for everyone in the wine industry, not just the big guns.

Winerytale, having learnt from the history before them, produced an augmented-reality wine-labels app which is proving to be both accessible and affordable for all wineries.

This simple app has created a ripple effect through the industry because of its massive potential and ease of use. Wine labels will never be the same and neither will the industry.

With sales growth taking a massive swing upwards, the revolution is well and truly here.

About Immertia

Immertia is a groundbreaking company, using augmented reality, to create a virtual experience from every package. The company was founded by Matt Hallberg, Luke Chaffey, and Dave Chaffey – three recognized specialists in their respective fields of augmented reality, software development, and digital marketing strategy.


Media liaison: Dave Chaffey, Founding Partner. Media enquiries are welcome via the media center.