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Craft Brewers Ideal Match for AR Concept

Please note: BEERSCANS™ has rebranded to Swigr.

Augmented reality platform sets sights on global craft beer industry

A clever concept for consumers to discover the backstory behind their favourite craft beer is set to launch to the industry, according to today’s announcement.

BEERSCANS™, a new-generation augmented reality platform, enables brewers to create a unique customer experience, directly from the beer can or bottle.

At its core, the concept:

  • enables brewers to ‘virtually link’ content to their existing cans and bottles
  • encourages smartphone users to scan packaging, to unlock experiences, and
  • activates a stunning augmented reality display, which is virtually attached to the package itself

See the prototype demonstration video on of Augmented Reality Beer

Crafting a Unique Story

According to Dave Chaffey, founding partner, the BEERSCANS™ concept has had strong support, from both consumers and brewers alike.

“Yes, really positive – there’s a lot to like about the concept.” said Chaffey.

“Feedback was terrific – the idea of scanning a beer in between drinks, and hearing from the brewer, or seeing the brewing process, or a look behind the scenes – that sort of thing is an out an out winner – consumers love the possibilities, and what that has to offer.”

“That mix of information, social sharing, entertainment, and experience is where consumers see the value.”

“It’s about delivering a friendly, down-to-earth, experience, straight from the label, with some genuine insight into the people, place, and processes that go into every beer.”

Brewers Unmatchable Connection

“We’re excited to bring this to market – making technology accessible is our aim,” said Chaffey.

“It’s a great fit for the craft beer industry, but up until now the technology has been out of reach to all but the big end of town, and those with deep pockets.

“BEERSCANS™ is an end-to-end system – with powerful features, simple setup, and a system that’s as easy to manage as your Facebook page”

Features include:

  • Intelligent product recognition (does not need QR codes)
  • Augmented reality display
  • Virtual content, undateable in real time
  • Built in marketing and sales options
  • Social media connection & sharing

Rolling out to USA

BEERSCANS™ will roll out from July, with the initial launch limited to just 50 brands.

“It’s a bit exclusive – the first launch with 50 brands. But it’s open to everyone – it’ll be first come, first served – no matter how big or small you are.

With a timeline only a few months away, Chaffey is encouraging brewers and business owners to visit the BEERSCANS™ website, for more information about the concept, and to learn how to become part of the initial launch.

About Immertia

Immertia is a groundbreaking company, using augmented reality, to create a virtual experience from every package. The company was founded by Matt Hallberg, Luke Chaffey, and Dave Chaffey – three recognized specialists in their respective fields of augmented reality, software development, and digital marketing strategy.


Media liaison: Dave Chaffey, Founding Partner. Media enquiries are welcome via the media center.